World time zone map fun facts for kids

Teaching your child about the different time zones may be hard as you thought especially if your child is not interested in such topic. However, if you’re living in the United States, teaching your child is necessary. But here’s a tip, avoid going directly to the time zones of the country. Instead, discuss some fun facts about different countries in the world map.

Here are some good examples that you can tell your child:

The daylight saving time is one of the hardest things to remember. However, if you teach your child its benefits, your child may appreciate it. You can say that daylight saving time happens so that people will be able to use the daylight effectively. They will be able to enjoy their waking hours due to DST. Learn about world time zone map on

To avoid confusion, you can tell your child to use the spring and fall season as a reference when its time to switch the time. In spring, you move the clock forward while you bring back on an hour of the time during fall.

International Dateline
Allow your child to fall in love with the power of the International Dateline. Tell your child that it’s your guide, which day does the country’s time zone falls. Every location in the right of the dateline is a day ahead while every location in the left of the dateline is a day behind.

So, if you’re living in the United States and the day today is Monday (for example), Australia’s day is Tuesday because it’s in the right of the International Dateline.

Importance of time zone
Tell your child the importance of time zone especially when you need to call a friend from another part of the world. You want to ensure that your friend is awake and you’re not calling during the wee hours.


Whether you are the sender or the recipient of a package, it is vital that you have a tracking number since the importance of tracking number allows the recipient and the sender at the same time to the progress of the package and its destination. A tracking number can be a combination of alphabet and numeric characters or alpha numeric characters. Tracking number is important especially when it comes to sensitive package, to know the date and time of delivery with the barcode attached to the package and the progress of the package.

When you buy things online, tracking number is essential to locate the exact location for the dispatched item and it is important that you get a tracking number from the seller. This also goes with postal service, tracking number is also provided for the monitoring of a parcel or package. You will find out the ups tracking on this website.

Why track shipment with the use of tracking number?

If you are the recipient or the sender of a package or parcel with the service of delivery and shipment store, it is important to track the said package, where it is located and how it is being handled, in this way both the sender and the recipient shall have a peace of mind. There are several methods to track shipment and one unique way of doing so is the provision of tracking number.

With the use of tracking number for a shipment, one reason for the use of tracking number is an idea of when a package will be arriving. If for instance the package requires the recipient to sign his/her signature you have time to prepare for it and in case you can also spare some space for the package.

Another importance of a tracking number for a package is the assurance that the package isn’t lost. If the package’s status is delivered for instance, you can find out what went wrong and identify who is responsible for the lost with the use of a tracking number.

Black hoop earrings, fitting every hairstyle

Each person has her own hairstyle that she prefers. It is something that is unique to her though girls also love trying out new hairstyles every now and then. However, there is a point where you may have to think not only about the hairstyle you are wearing but the jewelry that might go along with it. It is another struggle, picking the right pair of earrings that will fit the hairstyle that you are planning to wear. There is no need to fear because black hoop earrings fit every possible hairstyle that you might want to try. Here are some of the hairstyles that will fit your black hoop has more information on the black hoop earrings.

Pixie cut
The pixie cut is known for its short length and its ability to make the wearer show her jawlines along with the rest of her face. The good thing about the black hoop earrings is that it will take the looker’s eyes on your face and more on what you are wearing in your ears. It will also make you stand out better with a pixie cut, the truly perfect combination that you might want to try out.

Pony tail
A pony tail is a bit like the pixie cut such that it takes all the hair away from your face and back so that your face can be highlighted. The perfect pair of earrings to match your pony tail as it swings back and forth would be a pair of black hoop earrings to make you feel and look good.

Wavy curls
Lastly, some wavy curls for a special getaway event would be a great match with your pair of black hoop earrings as well so you can casually put some of your hair behind your ears and make you feel a whole lot better as you show off your ears.

Why You Should Bring a Reagent Kit to Your Next Party

Whether you’re attending a music festival, a concert, or a rave dance party, a reagent testing kit is a must for your own safety. These kits allows you to test any substance that may be offered to you on the spot and let you know if you are being drugged in a bad way or if you are taking something that is more intoxicating than what you are used to.

Types of reagents
There are a lot of different reagent test kits. Some will test a wide range of substances while others are formulated to find a small set of substances accurately. Here are the types of the most common reagents used in these test kits:

• Marquis reagent – Marquis reagent is the most popular since it can test for a lot of substances such as MDMA, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines and many more.
• Mecke reagent – Mecke reagent can test for cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, DMT, methamphetamine, MDMA, and mescaline.
• Ehrlich reagent – Ehrlich reagent reagent is used for testing the tryptamine family of substances, DMT, LSD, and mushrooms.

There are a lot more reagents out there that are being used to help test drugs on the spot. If you purchase your kit online, your provider will be able to give you a list of reagents and which reagents can help you determine the type of drugs you’d like to avoid.

Reduce risks
These days, drugs may be seen as a way to make partying a lot easier – especially for those who are under a lot of stress and needs to chill out. A reagent testing kit can easily help you avoid the heavily intoxicating drugs and lets you stick to the ones that give you “clean fun.” This way, you are able to reduce any risk and harm that may come your way while partying and being surrounded with strangers.