E-liquids – With or Without Nicotine?

E-liquids, also known as vaping juice or e-juices refer to the fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette. It provides the nicotine solution, as well as the flavoring to your e-cigarette. It also creates the vapor in which users exhale, mimicking the experience of traditional smoking.There are many e-cigarette products available on the market today. You can also find e-liquids in various flavors and brands out there. Whether it is your first time vaping or not, it is important to know if you really want to buy the one with nicotine or without. nicvape.co.nz offers some in-depth insights on e-liquids.

The Nicotine Strengths
The strength of e-liquids is often measured in milligrams per milliliter. They come in various strengths, largely depending on the manufacturer or brand. If you’re experienced with the use of nicotine products, you have to know how a product works on your body and the amount of dosage you’re getting from it before you try vaping.

There are many ways to absorb nicotine. It can be through your skin, in the mouth or through your lungs by inhalation. The latter, which is inhalation that can be done through smoking or vaping provides the fastest effect on the body.

If you are not using tobacco products, you must understand that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. It has chemical effects on the body that may not be beneficial. Vaping e-liquids can be used and enjoyed not just to take in nicotine. Perhaps, you just want to enjoy the flavors or satisfy an oral fixation. This is possible with the use of e-liquids with 0mg strengths. This is often the ideal option for those who want to quit a nicotine habit.

Unlike tobacco, e-juices can contain nicotine just as an additional ingredient. So, just as easily as adding the ingredient, it can also just be left out or eliminated from the recipe.