How to Buy LOL Accounts

There are many advantages when you buy league of legends account. Not only does it saves you money and time, it also helps improve your chances to win in ranked games. If you are Interested in buying LOL smurfs, here are some basic tips to follow when you buy LOL accounts.

There’s more than a dozen of websites that offer LOL accounts for sale. Of course, it is understandable that people can get nervous when transacting over the internet. The best way to know if your seller is reliable or legit is to get referrals, either from your family members or friends. But if you don’t have a family member or friend that loves buy lol accounts as much as you do, you can still try to read reviews and testimonials of former clients for reference.

Remember to buy an LOL account near your location

When buying an account, people are often too excited that they forgot to take the necessary precautions when buying an LOL account. That being said, you need to remember to buy an account has the same server as yours. This is because LOL is extremely strict with people with bought accounts. You are more likely to get caught if you’re IP address says United States and yet, you are playing LOL using a European server.

Choose your rank and champions wisely

The problem that most people who bought LOL account face is choosing the wrong rank to play with. If you are a novice, of course you need a lot of playtime in unranked games to improve your skills first. Buying a platinum or gold account from the get-go is not that smart, especially if still don’t have enough skills to protect that rank you bought or use the champions (which are often with the purchased LOL account) wisely on your games.