3 Basic Activities to Relieve Tingling in the Hands

Severe numbness or tingling in the hands may be treated by non-surgical tests or by doing some physical tests to further diagnose the cause of the problem. However, while the numbness is still mild or manageable, we could do some basic physical activities to relieve the pain momentarily. By doing so, may also prevent the occurrence of the numb condition. Here are the three basic movements that you could apply.

1. Bending

Circulation is the key to remove formigamento nas mãos and bending is the basic thing to do. Although the numbness is felt in your hands, other compressed nerves in your body may be treated to eliminate the pain. You may stretch your feet or arm and slowly bend them inwards. Neck bending may also alleviate tired nerves. Though it may be far from your fingers, nerves are in network with each other which means they are connected. Neck exercise would be useful and effective to counteract numbness. As for your fingers, you may do “close-open” bending exercise while applying some squeezing force.

2. Shoulder Rotations

Compressed nerves because of improper posture are prevalent. In order to relieve pressure, stretching and shoulder rotations could be done with a regular interval. Stretching each finger would allow comfort and relaxation, relieving the tired bones. Following the stretch is shoulder rotation which would allow further circulation. Start by keeping your arms at your side and bending your elbow at a 90-degree angle.

3. Swimming exercise

Exercise is a sure way to encourage blood flow in your system. However, some exercise would tire you out without even enjoying the process. One physical activity that you would appreciate is swimming. While taking the pleasure of water splashes, you won’t even notice that tingling in hands has been relieved. Aside from this, you get additional benefits from swimming like improvement on blood circulation, muscle development and most importantly - enjoyment.