Tips on hosting a bake sale

Hosting a bake sale is no easy feat, especially if your plan is to make extra money on the side. This type of sale is mostly used in order to raise some funds for social, religious, charitable or even school events. After all, people with sweet tooth can never resist those alluring sweets that are spread out in a table for everyone to see. So if you want to try hosting a bake sale and it is your first time, here are some tips to help you out.
Form the best team

Weeks before the event itself, what you must do is to ask around your neighborhood, your family, your friends and anyone else that you think might want to help you out. Tell them about the cause of your event. Be strategic when it comes to forming out your team. Sort out the non-bakers from the bakers. Ask the bakers to try out helping you on the baking part while you assign the rest of the team to other tasks such as promotions and other whatnots. More information on The Quenelle on

Chose a good location

The next thing to do would be to choose the right location for your sale. On this part, choosing a public place where a lot of people would pass by would be a great choice. However, you should first check with the authorities if you are allowed to set up the booth in it. You should also ask some local store owners whether you can put up some of your products on their stores.

Bake your goods

The most important part is that you bake great tasting pastries that would surely blow the minds of your customers so that they would buy a lot and keep on coming back especially if you plan on doing your sale for more than a day.