All You Need To Know About Rubber Patches

Rubber patches also known as silicone patches or silicone labels are durable alternative to woven patches. Just like PVC patches, it is often used in outdoor products such as bags, tents, jackets, camping equipment and a lot more. It also used to reinforce brand identity especially when used on the outside garment. But, silicone or rubber can only be made in a single colour only. Let’s take a closer look to other characteristics of rubber patches!


Unlike woven custom rubber patches, rubber patches are extremely durable thus fits well to outdoor gears. It is washable and can stand through extremely hot weather or cold. It could also last longer thus it is a very good material for advertising one’s product. It’s not easily torn or damaged unlike woven patches.

Can be ironed at the back

Usually, rubber patches are attached in products using hot melt adhesive backing that can be applied at the back of the rubber patches. It can be securely applied to garments through heat press or iron. Surely, it will be attached to garments’ fibre firmly.


You can wash your garment with rubber patch as long as the overall product permits. It is waterproof and definitely won’t get damaged easily even when soaked to water or other forms of liquid.

Soft Rubber Patches for Uniforms

Yes, you can use rubber patches to uniforms instead of using woven ones. It is great at showing your logo and advertises your company. It is popular for tactical uniforms, and to outdoor gears. If you are considering rubber patches for your uniform, you may search companies online that provide service on custom rubber patches. They would be glad to assist you with your desired designs. Prices may vary depending on the design. So, get your quote now!