Sim Free Phones Offer Better Consumer Options

There was a time when mobile communication companies offer their clientele their services that comes with cellular phones that are close line. Close line means that no other SIM types can be used except that certain network that gave you the phone together with the line. Trying to use other SIM coming from the competition can be futile since they are locked for that certain company’s SIM. For this reason, mobile phone technicians came up with gadgets that can unlock these cellular phones so that they could be used for other networks as well. Those services are expensive so different phone brands came up with the SIM free phones. If you are more curious about sim free phones ireland then you can learn more about it on

The Different Cellular Technologies

Most cellular phone providers utilize assorted technologies to provide cellular signals to their clientele. A few of them are as follows:
1. The GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication,
2. The CDMA or Code Division Multiplle Access,
3. The TDMA or Time Division Mutiple Access,
4. The IDEN or Integrated Digital Enhanced Network.
Among these, It is the GSM which can be considered as the most advanced. Majority of the subscribers in the world are connected to this type of system.

Majority of SIM free phones use GSM Network

Most GSM phones that are available in the market without a subscription or line can be considered as a SIM free phone. These phone units are not locked by any specific network provider so one can buy any handset that are considered as SIM free and use any SIM card from any network provider from a particular area. The Tri band and the Quad band phones work on any GSM type network service in any place in the world. One has to only know about the compatibility of the SIM with the requirements of the network where the phone will be used.

The Benefits of Having SIM free Phones

The differences between the pay-as-you go phones and contract lock phone against the SIM free phones are obvious. The latter offers more flexibility to the subscribers and they are not restricted to a particular network. When it comes to the user’s budget and needs, he or she can switch to any network provider that is available in his or her area. The SIM free phones provide great advantage for travelers who frequent different places in the world. They need their phones open lined so that they could use it on all parts of the world without any hitches.
If you need to use SIM free phones Ireland or any other parts in its proximity, one can simply search the net for service provider options.