Interesting Meanings of Forehead Kiss

Admit it! If you are in a relationship and your guy usually kissed you on the forehead, there’s a different emotion you might feel. Totally different from kiss on the mouth which is more romantic; different from kiss on the jaw, neck or shoulders which is more romantic, and truly different from a kiss in other parts of your body. According to women, they feel total respect and serious love when their guys kiss them on their forehead. You can find more details on forehead kiss on the site

Forehead Kiss for Couples
Most women would feel it lovelier for a guy when they receive forehead kiss from their boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. They feel the seriousness and deeper love along with respect when their partners kiss them on the forehead. In fact, for some women, they feel it more romantic than kissing them on the neck. Respect is very essential in a relationship. Without it, a relationship wouldn’t prosper. Respect comes and shown in actions. And one act implying respect to a partner is kissing her on the forehead as well as in the hand.

When a guy kisses her woman’s forehead, it may mean assurance that the woman has the full respect from the man. It may also imply gratitude for accepting the man no matter what his background is, no matter what his character is, and no matter who he is as a person.
After having sex, guys who tend to kiss the forehead of his partner means that he is not just interested with the woman’s body, but the on the total person of her partner. It could also be a form of telling “Thank You” for satisfying him with her body without hesitation on the woman’s part. This makes this moment more special and intimate which could also contribute to a stronger and deeper relationship.