Unique Things You Can See in a Swedish Travel Blog

Different countries have their own unique brand of flavour, humour, music, architecture and citizens. Once you visit different countries, you can see the differences and begin to enjoy the different unique things the countries have to offer. To avoid culture shock, you can visit a Swedish travel blog if you want to visit Sweden. www.swedishnomad.com/what-its-like-to-fly-with-primera-air/ has more information on the Primera Air.

Drinking from the tap is promoted

Avoiding the tap varies from country to country. Some countries advocate their citizens to avoid drinking from the tap water as it can cause dozens of health problems. This is especially true for underdeveloped or growing countries like India. For this reason, some countries’ citizens make sure to buy bottled water. Once you visit a Swedish travel blog though, you will notice that they will promote drinking from the tap. In Sweden, tap water is well filtered and incredibly clean which is why people usually promote drinking from the tap. In fact, drinking from the tap is even as clean as bottled water, which is why most people don’t even bother buying bottled water. Since the bottled water business has declined, more attention towards filtration of tap water is made. This in turn increases the cleanliness of tap water.

They will keep talking about speed limits

Speed limits vary from country to country. It is like a local cuisine where people who have heard of it will get used to it, but outsiders might find it wrong and off-putting. Each country has its own set of rules when it comes to traffic and speed limits, but Sweden takes it another way. Some places have fixed speed limits, but in between places, there are odd speed limits. Most Swedish travel blogs focus on this and point out how unique Sweden is when it comes to observing traffic rules and speed limits.