If you are looking for a Buddhist statue to be enlightened, then you have made a wise decision.

Used by Buddhists for meditation and to have different positive elements, using Buddhist statues are now commonly a norm around the world. Buddhist statues which can be found anywhere has actually been a source of positivity for the people. You can learn more about buddhist statue here oneminddharma.

Here are a few important informations before buying a Buddhist statue.

● Buddhist statues are done in the likeness of Buddha. The teachings of Buddha encouraged followers to have a complete balance in life in order to have happiness in the world.
● Buddhist statues are used by people who believe in the teachings of Buddhism which is a major religion in the world. Buddhists are known to meditate for the universe for abundance and prosperity.
● Buddhist statues should be preferably placed facing the East where the sun rises from. This symbolizes attention towards enlightenment in life.
● As a symbol, the Buddhist statue will give good luck, abundance, and prosperity if used correctly. With the help of the statue of Buddha, you can fearlessly travel spiritually in the most compassionate way.
● A Buddhist statue placed on different areas of your home depicts different symbolizations. A Buddhist statue on the east is for health, on the west if children, southeast is for wealth, and the southwest for relationships.
● Buddhist statues can be found around the world which depicts different portions of Buddha’s life. The most common type is the Buddhist statue sitting with legs folded which represents the moment Buddha has attained enlightenment.

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