More and more movie companies are looking for new productions to turn into movies. In fact, more and more fans are clamouring that some of the games they play be turned into full length movies. Over the years, the film industry has used the game storyline of popular online games and turned them into major full length films. But there are still amazing and well loved games out there waiting to be turned into the next movie blockbuster. Here are some of them.

Action Packed Fantasy World: Defense of the Ancient

If you are a fan of availing dota 2 boost then you will surely love the idea of watching in the big screen a full length feature of the action packed fantasy world of Defense of the Ancient. Just imagine a scene with amazing CGI animation with all the popular heroes and characters of the Defense of the Ancient. Not to mention some of the big Hollywood stars playing the major characters of this game. This will indeed a feast for the eyes.

Horrorifick and Thrilling Plot: Diablo

Any hard core gamer who had been a fan of availing dota 2 boost knows all too well how thrilling and also horrific and exciting the scenes of Diablo. Regardless of the version of this amazing and action pack game, the game content and storyline of Diablo provides for an amazing horror flick. Just imagine the gruesome scenes you come across when you play Diablo to be recreated and given life in the big screen. This is something that must be seen by all people, gamers or non-gamers alike.
Medieval Fantasy World: Lineage.If you want something medieval and something ancient, then Lineage is the game for you. Hard core gamers availing dota 2 boost also loves this medieval fantasy multiplayer online game. This movie will definitely require amazing CGI animation and effects that would rival the blockbuster Avatar.