All of us has been having a fantasy of having our own dragon name generator. Most of the animated films that feature dragons amaze us and makes us want to live in a fantasy fiction of dragons


Dragons are typically a powerful, strong, and fearsome mythological creature. It is much known in many cultures particularly in China, Europe, India, and America. They are commonly seen in books, televisions, and in movies, it is commonly featured in fiction movies as a very remarkable, strong and powerful creature.

Most people have an idea of what a dragon looks like though it varies radically. Some pictures it with wings, while others don't. Some dragons can breathe fire while others cannot. Some are short and some are long. Some of it lives under the ocean, in caves, mountains, or palaces.There is no clear evidence about the existence of dragons even in the past nevertheless, people still believe that dragons existed. People are still amazed about the might that dragons have thus they always dream of seeing or having one.


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