Choosing the Right Pearl

Pearls have been an ideal type of accessories that women want all over the world. Ever since before, pearls have been used by women in casual and formal events because accessorizing yourself with pearls give off class and elegance. If you have ever wondered what to look for when buying your own pearl accessories such as pearl earrings, pearl necklace, and pearl bracelet, then this article will help you look for the right pearl by giving you some tips on how to rate pearls. More information on Pearl Earrings on

There are three (3) to five (5) factors that you should look while examining pearls. These factors will help you identify which pearl matches well with you and your fashion style.

● Smoothness - pearls come in various shapes and sizes as well as smoothness. It is considered that if a pearl has a very smooth surface then it is expensive (very expensive!). The smoothness of the pearl is different since the layers of nacres that oyster produce is not always the same.
● Sizes - as mentioned, pearls come in different sizes. There is the small type of pearls and even bigger ones. The size of the pearl mainly depends on what type of pearl it is. Freshwater pearls range in 2 to 12 mm in size and the others such as South Sea pearls range in 10 to 20 mm in size.
● Shapes - since there are different sizes of pearls, shapes can also vary. The most common shape that pearls have is round. The rounder the pearl, the better it is. But there are other shapes such as semi-round, oval, button, drop, and baroque-shaped when you are looking for a unique touch.
● Color - when considering factors looking for the right pearl for you, you should also look for the color. There are different types of pearl colors, the usual color is white which is mostly known as Freshwater pearls. You can also choose colors like black, blue, pink, golden-yellow, and even green. But remember that you should choose the color that matches well with your undertone.