World time zone map fun facts for kids

Teaching your child about the different time zones may be hard as you thought especially if your child is not interested in such topic. However, if you’re living in the United States, teaching your child is necessary. But here’s a tip, avoid going directly to the time zones of the country. Instead, discuss some fun facts about different countries in the world map.

Here are some good examples that you can tell your child:

The daylight saving time is one of the hardest things to remember. However, if you teach your child its benefits, your child may appreciate it. You can say that daylight saving time happens so that people will be able to use the daylight effectively. They will be able to enjoy their waking hours due to DST. Learn about world time zone map on

To avoid confusion, you can tell your child to use the spring and fall season as a reference when its time to switch the time. In spring, you move the clock forward while you bring back on an hour of the time during fall.

International Dateline
Allow your child to fall in love with the power of the International Dateline. Tell your child that it’s your guide, which day does the country’s time zone falls. Every location in the right of the dateline is a day ahead while every location in the left of the dateline is a day behind.

So, if you’re living in the United States and the day today is Monday (for example), Australia’s day is Tuesday because it’s in the right of the International Dateline.

Importance of time zone
Tell your child the importance of time zone especially when you need to call a friend from another part of the world. You want to ensure that your friend is awake and you’re not calling during the wee hours.