Best Cat Nail Clippers - Cat’s Behavior You Should Be Aware

Both cats and dogs are lovable creatures but there is a big difference between the two you should know as a pet lover. It's about how they see you as a human being. When you feed them, bathe them, take good care of them and make them beds, dogs would think that you are their god. While cats would see themselves that they are gods and you are a loyal slave. Therefore, it could be difficult for anyone who is petting a cat or cats, to trim their paws. Reference taken from here on best cat nail clippers.

Cat’s Behavior

Most cats spend their time outdoors and it is natural for them to go to high places like trees, roofs, and fire exit staircases. You should know by now that trimming your cat’s paw can be a big issue especially if your cat is not used to it. Before doing so, it is strongly advisable to ask your vet about the best cat nail clippers he/she recommends for your pet.

Adult Cats

It is easy to trim a kitten’s claw but it can be difficult trimming an adult cat. Therefore, the best way to do so is by asking someone to hold your cat. Get a friend to assist you holding your cat firmly. Cat’s claws are retractable by pushing the paw using your thumb. Keep in mind that there are two parts of the claw and these are the claw itself and the pinkish middle section which is also known as the “quick”. Carefully not to cut these parts otherwise, it can be really painful for them. Quick is where the blood vessels and nerves are. Only remove the part where the curls under.

Changing His Mindset

If this setting freaks your cat out, then you should not trim his claws forcibly. Again, he thinks that he is a god and your a slave. Set his mind that it is natural for you to touch his paws by gently holding your cat’s paw. This could be days or even weeks before he realizes that you are not trying to hurt him.