The Best Way to Play Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a huge game and the chances of winning as the last man standing against 100 other players is very slim. It is no wonder that players are looking for an instant Fortnite hack and reading forums on the best strategies in order to be the champion in this fight to the death video game. Well, you do not have to look far for the best tips to win the game. More information on Fortnite hack click here.

Here is a list that can guide you:

Pick when to jump

The first decision you have to make in Fortnite Battle Royale is when to jump from the bus to the island. If you jump out as soon as the bus doors open, you get the advantage of getting straight into the fight. If you jump out after the first wave of player does, you get to choose to land in an isolated area to give you ample time to gather resources. You also have the option of landing where the first wave of players are combatting since the aftermath can be a good source of loot.

Loot and gather immediately

If you land in an isolated area, far from combat, then start grabbing resources from concrete or trees and start looking for weapons. While looting, stay away from cars. Although you can get metal from them, the alarms can trigger alerting nearby enemies of your location. Wood is a good resource to gather in the early phase of the game since it requires less resources to make walls and stairs compared to metal or stone.

Do not shy away from combat

If you run into players in the middle of a combat, you can easily sneak off unharmed while their busy or wait till someone wins and challenge the victor, who will surely be weakened from the fight. If you get to defeat the victor, then you will end up with two players’ worth of loot.

With these handy tips and a bit of luck, you might find yourself victorious in your next game.