Top 3 Things Only Those Living in Potong Pasir Town Will Understand

With the ongoing condo development courtesy of United Industrial Corporation Real Estate Developer, people are wondering what is there to expect from a quiet little sub-town like Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Though Potong Pasir Town does not look much to outsiders, residents of the estate more than appreciates the warm, generous spirit of the place and will not want to move anywhere else. Find more about United Overseas Limited search this

Here are some of the things that only its lifelong residents (and United Overseas Limited) know about Potong Pasir that will make you want to also live there.

1. They have absolutely have no need for major malls.

In an age where malls is a guaranteed symbol of development, Potong Pasir strongly objects having one erected in their vicinity. It’s not because they like being contrary (although they were under the opposition ward for so long), it’s only because they are afraid that malls would destroy the strong community vibes they have going.

For its residents, having a mall within walking distance would definitely kill their infamous kampung spirit - something that they had fought so hard to protect.

2. They don’t know what boredom is.

Contrary to popular belief, not having a major mall is a blessing for most residents as it has given way for everyone to meet everybody else via old-fashioned way: over bottles of beer and bowls of hor fur. With no mall as a distraction, people here are able to focus on what is really important in keeping human relations, that is face-to-face communication.
With warm smiles and generous spread of laughter that can be heard from the local coffee shop in front of the Hindu temple, it is a scene that is fit for a movie.

3. They take elections quite seriously.

Given their history, this little nugget shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still, expats both have the shock and the time of their lives as all residents from all walks of life and age would pour the streets every election season.