Essiac Tea History

Essiac tea benefits have been popular with people who have cancer. It’s one of the herbal supplements today that can cure cancer. However, it’s not popular to many people who believe in modern medicine. To fully understand it, here’s a brief history of the tea. You can find more details on essiac tea benefits on the site

The founder

The founder of the tea is Rene Caisse, a nurse in Canada. Actually, Caisse only rediscovered it because it has been used by the native Americans. In 1920, Caisse promoted the tea as a natural cancer treatment. After two years, Caisse gave the formula to a breast cancer patient and it cured her disease. Caisse continued to treat patients with cancer using the formula.

Cancer clinic

In 1934, the nurse opened a clinic in Canada where cancer patients receive the tea formula for free. However, in 1942, Caisse closed the clinic due to the little evidence of the tea’s effectiveness. It was the Royal Cancer Commission of Canada that checked the formulation.

Although Caisse closed the clinic, she continued to provide it until the 1970s. She worked with an American doctor that led them to come up with a new formula called the Flor Essence. However, the partner’s work has not be published in scientific journals.

Then in 1977, the recipe was given to a company in Canada where the government allowed the clinical studies. However, in 1982, the permission was dismissed by the government and the approval was declined by the FDA.

Today’s essiac tea

Essiac tea is still available today but you need to consult your doctor about it. If you have other health problems other than cancer, you must consult a doctor. If you’re taking it to cure simple health problems but you’re pregnant or you have an osteoporosis, don’t forget to consult your doctor to ensure your safety.