The Tapestry Tampines All Within Your Reach

Have you ever thought of living in a place where all of the things that you want to go to or need to go to are actually within your reach? The Tapestry Tampines actually offers that to you. There is no longer a need to go so far just to be with the things that you desire. This is definitely good news for the people who are willing to pay to get the luxury they think that they deserve. Well, to get a good glimpse on this kind of thing, here are the things that Tampines actually offers you.

Tennis court and hockey court

If you are fond of sports and whatnot, then you should like the fact that the Tampines hub actually has around four great tennis courts along with a hockey court in which you can go ahead and have fun playing good games with your friends and your family. This is a good place as well to bond along with your neighbors. After all, a good play is sometimes all that is needed to create a good bond. Go ahead and try it out and see if it does help in socializing with your friends and the neighborhood itself.

Retail facilities
There is also a fact that you can easily go shopping with your friends in the retail facilities that are offered by the Tampines which is meant to be the place for you to create socialization with other people. There are even some restaurants and food outlets to which you can eat in no matter if you are a vegan or what.

Temasek polytechnic
There is another advantage in living in the condo is that there is a place that offers courses that can be used for students that aspires to enter programs in universities. They offer a lot of courses, both part time and also full time if you really want to try it out.