Choosing The Escape Room

Admit it! It’s your first time to participate in the game called Escape-Game and you are still anxious on what would happen when you’re already locked up inside the room. Well, as a beginner, it would be helpful of you know how to choose a room. Escape-Room Berlin is such a challenging and fun game, but it would also make you frustrated if you are too serious about it. Chill! As part of the warm up, why not have an idea on what room to choose? Here are some tips: Learn more about Exit-Room Berlin on labyrintoom.

Who will be your companion?

Yes. If this is your first time, it will be helpful if you are comfortable with your co-players. Choose among your friends and relatives that you feel comfortable at working with. Invite those you are at comfortable in sharing your ideas and thoughts. You don’t have to start with many players. There are rooms that are great for 4-5 players only.


Before you go and booked yourself for a game, why not read some reviews about a particular escape room. Check those which are recommended for beginners. Don’t push yourself into something that may scare you for the rest of the game. Start on something that is simple and would bring out the fun among players.

Levels of Difficulty

If you are still a beginner, book on escape rooms Berlin that is recommended for beginners. Don’t be too confident as it will also destroy the fun. When you succeed on simple rooms, you can try other rooms which could be harder and difficult than the previous. By then, you already have an idea on the game’s flow.

Determine the themes that you like

There are themes that are sometimes creepy for others, but more fun for other people. Choose a theme that suits your taste. Something that brings out the fun, and not those rooms that will just ruin your day.