Dominoqq: How to Play this card game?

Domino qiu qiu also known as domino 99 is a traditional game that is played mostly in Indonesia. It is a classic game that almost all of us are fond of. This card game has been part of every culture in the world because it was already being played centuries ago.

Generations of kids and adults have enjoyed playing this domino. It was said that this game may have started in the land of China in the 12th century but some say they originated from the Mediterranean and Egypt because of the artifacts found that link to this old game. Whichever it is, this variation of domino became a hit in Italy in the 18th century and later its popularity spread to Europe and to the rest of the world.

How is this card game being played?

Currently, they are already available online and are in few different versions. The rules of how they are being played depend upon what country they came from and every version have its own variation.

This betting game dominoqq is played using dominoqq cards which set has a total of 28 cards. Each card has varying spheres which are played by 6 players at most.

What are the Game Steps?

1. A card of 4 will be given to a player who put down a bet

2. To determine who is victorious in the game, one must have the highest total spheres

3. 3 game cards are given to players and they can only raise the bet

4. Or make a call if they want to have the fourth card.

5. A player is declared defeated if he doesn’t participate in the raising of the bet.

6. Moreover, as the fourth card is distributed, each of the players can now raise the amount of being wagered.

7. The two pairs of cards combined value which have the highest scores will be considered the winner of the game.