Camelbak features

Are you looking for a water bottle that can make your cold drink to last for a day? Well, it’s your lucky day. Today’s the good day to explore the features of the brand called Camelbak. The brand is known for its insulated water bottles. Yet, it offers more than that. Here are the features of this water bottle.

Double-walled insulation
As mentioned earlier, Camelbak features insulated bottles. These bottles are double-walled so the beverages that you put inside will stay cool for several hours. Yet, the good thing about this water bottle is it prevents condensation from building up. So, if you want to put it inside your bag, you can ensure that your papers won’t get wet. You can find more details on CamelBak Bottles on the site

Faster flow bite valve
If you don’t like tipping a water-bottle, this type is for you. It has a bite valve feature that requires you to sip the beverage. You don’t need to tip it just to drink your favorite beverage. But if you prefer tipping it, all you need to do is to remove the straw.

Sleek shape
The Camelbak water bottle has a sleek shape that can fit most cup holders. So, if you’re doing a long drive, the water bottle is a good option for water for rehydration. You can easily hold it too because of its sleek shape. It is also easy to carry so you can bring it anywhere you go.

Dishwasher safe
If you’re too lazy to wash it by hands, you can use a dishwasher. The materials are dishwasher safe so it’s convenient to use it. Cleaning the water bottle is important so you can avoid mold especially on the mouthpiece.Camelbak also offers that stainless type, which can insulate your drinks up to 24 hours. So, if you’re outdoors for a long period, you can use the stainless type.